One of the best and most psychologically penetrating, fascinating and heartrending natural material ever used in the prosperity of mankind was wood. Wood is a natural and cost-effective choice for interior woodwork, residential and commercial projects. Known from the ancient years for its usefulness and its endurance to adverse weather conditions, it continues much more today to captivate people, because of the potential for creating the most sophisticated, attractive and practical architectural designs.

Who We Are?

COP DOORTECH can make your dream of living in harmony with nature come true. A few years ago, we were an enthusiastic group of people who were charmed by the simplicity, the harmony and the beauty of wood. Today, DOORTECH is a dynamic supplier of unique solutions in the market of wooden constructions and houses in Egypt. In co-operation with big factories of ITALY offers qualitative, trustworthy and unique technologies and constructions that target and cover the demands and the financial limits of all our clients. DOORTECH provides you with personal design options and unique high quality products made from local & imported woods, value added woods, and hardwoods. DOORTECH will strive to produce an environmentally conscious product using value added wood when possible and at the customer’s request. We believe that our company has unique solutions to offer, in case you intend or have decided on building Your Own woodwork with the support of a trustworthy and skilled collaborator who can help you turn YOUR DREAM TO REALITY. Credibility, Quality and Value are our slogan

Why Wood?

Wood has many attributes that make it an obvious choice for building. It grows naturally, using energy from the sun, and is the only major building material that is renewable and sustainable over the long term. It also outperforms steel and concrete when compared using life cycle assessment (LCA) methodology. LCA is an internationally recognized approach to evaluating materials, assemblies and even whole structures, over the course of their entire lives, based on measurable indicators of environmental impact. Using this method, study after study has shown that wood is better for the environment than steel or concrete in terms of: - Global warming potential - Resource use - Embodied energy - Air pollution - Water pollution Wood also contributes to a building’s energy efficiency and has an important role to play in the fight against climate change.


COP Our mission is to produce quality custom designed woodworks for residential and commercial customers. The success of DOORTECH Woodwork is determined by our success in operating as a unified team. We have to earn the trust and respect of our customers every day in order to ensure that the customer makes the decision to choose our products and services. We sell service, and motivated, happy, well-trained people provide good service. There are no secret formulas. Together we will strive to create a good working environment for everyone. Creative, productive employees who are empowered to make suggestions while brainstorming “outside the box” guarantee our success. Every job is important in fulfilling our mission every day to more people who “value and trust” us. The primary goal of DOORTECH Woodwork, and our employees, is to live out our mission statement and continue to be an industry leader. We achieve this through dedicated hard work and commitment from each & every artisan, engineer and Interior designer. It is the desire of DOORTECH Woodwork's management, from top to bottom, to have every employee succeed in their job, and assist in achieving our corporate goals, as well as our employees' individual goals.

Strategy Overview

Our System strives to achieve coherent capital appreciation over a long-term plan, while keeping carefully defined risk management operations to reduce investment drawdown. Our target is to be recognized as the best woodwork company in the ME – as a start - by customers, associates and competitors. We want to be recognized and recommended as a reliable brand by customers, a fine employer by associates and an active, valued member of our communities. Our corporate strategy is aiding us to achieve this objective. In other words: - Establishing strong, fruitful business relationships; aiming to meet and exceed our customers' expectations. - Developing the management as an employer of choice and improving our associate’s potentials. - Joining, involving and investing in the communities, which we are part of. - Managing our environmental responsibilities. We believe that corporate responsibility should be Inherent in the way we practice business, as it is also a main strategic aspect of our success. We assure that by acting in the best benefits of all our customers, we can make a boosted, positive key role in the economy and to society.

Quality Assurance

COP We have executed here at DOORTECH, a Quality assurance System throughout the company to fulfill the requirements of the highest local Quality standards, and which covers all aspects of business operations. It is the management’s responsibility to pledge that this policy is understood, executed and maintained at all levels and under all circumstances within DOORTECH. The following policy statement applies to all services offered by DOORTECH.


Raouf Dayoub To proffer the best quality craftsmanship and service to meet our obligation to our customers. Our policy guarantees that: All aspects of legal obligations are followed up and fulfilled. All staff, at all levels are aware of the commitment to delivering products and services In conjunction with the accomplished quality assurance system and the employees are considered an inherent part of that system. Subcontractors and Suppliers cooperating with the company understand and acquiesce with all aspects of this system. DOORTECH is fully aware of the significance of Protection of the environment and ensures that fabrication operations are conducted in such a way as to reduce any unnecessary environmental damage. The company ensures the commitment and pursuit of supplying construction services, materials and equipment complying with highest Standards and Contract specifications.

Human Resources Policy

COP Staff Development/Training DOORTECH management recognizes a responsibility to build up the staff‘s chance to develop skills and abilities for utmost performance within the position and for career promotion within the company. In order to meet these commitments, DOORTECH in cooperation with SCM – the globally renowned machinery supplier- established a constant training program for enhancing engineers and executive’s proficiency and dexterity. Furthermore, DOORTECH maintains a permanent coordination with both chambers of commerce and industry to benefit the comprehensive variety of courses they arrange.


Safety At Work Our main targets are to ensure the safety of our staff in occupational environments and to ensure the safe and knowledgeable use of hazardous materials and machines that are used in fabrication process.

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