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We have executed here at DOORTECH, a Quality assurance System throughout the company to fulfill the requirements of the highest local Quality standards, and which covers all aspects of business operations.

Our mission

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Our mission is to produce quality custom designed woodworks for residential and commercial customers. The success of DOORTECH Woodwork is determined by our success in operating as a unified team.


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Our System strives to achieve coherent capital appreciation over a long-term plan, while keeping carefully defined risk management operations to reduce investment drawdown. Our target is to be recognized as the best woodwork company in the ME – as a start - by customers, associates and competitors.

Who are we?

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DOORTECH can make your dream of living in harmony with nature come true. A few years ago, we were an enthusiastic group of people who were charmed by the simplicity, the harmony and the beauty of wood. Today, DOORTECH is a dynamic supplier of unique solutions in the market of wooden constructions and houses in Egypt. In co-operation with big factories of ITALY offers qualitative, trustworthy and unique technologies and constructions that target and cover the demands and the financial limits of all our clients. DOORTECH provides you with personal design options and unique high quality products made from local & imported woods, value added woods, and hardwoods. DOORTECH will strive to produce an environmentally conscious product using value added wood when possible and at the customer’s request. We believe that our company has unique solutions to offer, in case you intend or have decided on building Your Own woodwork with the support of a trustworthy and skilled collaborator who can help you turn YOUR DREAM TO REALITY. Credibility, Quality and Value are our slogan

Contact Info

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16 Naguib Elrehany St.
Cairo, Egypt.
Telephone: +202-2591-3277
Fax: +202-2590-0223

249 Industrial Zone 3
6th October, Egypt.
Telephone: +202-3834-2924
Mobile: +201-2291-00055

Email: info@doortech-egypt.com